The Masurian Lake District

The Masurian Lake District

Masuria is not only large lakes, but also modern canals which connect the northern part of the lakes with the south, making it possible to visit all the interesting locations on the map. The Masuria region is full of charming and historic cities and towns with many monuments that we would like to show you.

On the lakes that are part of the great Masurian lakes there are many large sailing ports as well as small, intimate, marinas where you can moor, and take advantage of catering and entertainment facilities. In local restaurants and pubs, you will find Polish cuisine and, above all, fish dishes from the lakes supplied by local fishermen.

The Masuria region is also known for its wild nature, where nature is well connected with civilization. There are nature reserves and forests under protection. In the local forests, you can see amongst others, bison, wolves, lynxes, and, in the water, otters and cranes. This is just a small list of the animals living in Masuria.

The weather in Poland can be a big (and pleasant) surprise for British visitors. Summers are hot and dry, although there can be a few brief showers. The weather definitely favours sailors and people who like to spend time outside.

In 2011, Masuria was a finalist of the “New 7 Wonders of Nature” competition, where people from all over the world voted. The campaign attracted 100 million voters.

To sum up, Masuria is most beautiful and worth visiting. The atmosphere, weather and landscapes are unique, especially from a sailor’s perspective, and we are keen to show you this wonderful place.

masurian lake map

Masurian Lakes

Lake Śniardwy

Lake Śniardwy is the largest reservoir in Poland, known as the “Masurian sea”. It is situated on the route of the Great Masurian Lakes, in the basin of the Pisa River.

Lake Mamry

The second largest lake in Poland, with an area of 104 km2. The lake is attractive for tourists. Wooded, little developed shores create pleasant landscapes. The water in the lake is clean and invites you to swim

Lake Tałty

The deepest ribbon lake in the Great Masurian Lakes Region, reaching over 50 meters. It is situated in the Pisa river basin.

Lake Kisajno

On the western part of the lake there is the Swan route, which is characterized by much less traffic, quiet bays, and several attractive places to dock.
Area is 18.96 km²


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Avg. Temperature °C
18 °C
21 °C
23 °C
23 °C
18 °C


Avg. Temperature °C
Lake Mamry
24.4 °C
Lake Mikołajskie
24.0 °C
Lake Śniardwy
25.4 °C
Lake Roś
23.3 °C
Lake Nidzkie
25.0 °C